Wednesday 20 April 2022

5 Minutes with Joshua Pantalleresco, Podcaster, Author and Creative!

Today I have the pleasure of having my good friend, Joshua Pantalleresco on my blog! He's an amazing podcaster, I've been on his show many times so I can attest to that, author and now he's starting a new adventure! Read on to find out what it is!

Take it away, Josh!

I love people's stories. It's why I fell in love with interviewing people. I've interviewed people for over twenty years. There's something truly magical about getting to know people, especially those who do incredible things. Whether it was George Perez, Stan Sakai, or James A. Owen, I always marveled at the stories behind the people that make works. Throughout the years, I've had the opportunity to talk to creatives throughout my career. One day, I just came to a conclusion that people in general are awesome.

The more interviews I do the more that is true. Years later, I'm doing an award winning podcast called Just Joshing, in which I take creatives mentioned above and have casual conversations. I'm approaching 800 episodes of the show. It's been a true honor and pleasure to chat with the people I've been blessed to have on the show. I've had writers, comic book creators, illustrators, comedians, musicians, bands, and so many other imaginative and creative people. Every one of them has been incredible.

Most of them don't know how incredible they are. They get shy when someone mentions just how good they are. Or when they approach how to talk about themselves, they freeze. Talking about yourself might be the hardest thing to do in the biz. We all know we have to, but the truth is, it's awkward to talk about yourself. It doesn't feel natural, and if creatives are honest with themselves, they don't really want to do it. Who wants to talk about themselves or their projects when there are more projects to make and more clients to help? I get that.

I realize that I'm good at building people up. People that have been interviewed on my show sometimes call me a therapist. I'm good at finding the things that make people awesome. I've built up the confidence of many of my guests, and make them feel like they've had an incredible experience.

If people saw themselves like I saw them, they'd believe they were superstars.

I didn't click this to my current venture until about a month ago when I was interviewed to be a podcast host for another show. They mentioned what the purpose of the show was to create micro ads for businesses. I listened to the job, and an idea hit me.

Creatives don't like to talk. I like to talk, build up and present creatives to the world. Why not use my skills to do this?

Thanks to my experience producing and co-creating the show, I have the

video background to make this work. My podcasting has given me plenty of experience using my voice. I can write copy like this and do graphics and other things to build that personal brand. 
I know how much creators care. You put your time, effort, energy, in some cases blood and tears into these products. Nothing pleases a creative more than someone telling them that their work was great. Short of creating my own work, watching someone taking my advice to help them in the past to succeed is a great high. I love watching people succeed, and wish nothing but the best for everyone.

Creating an amazing product may be the most important step, but telling people about it is nearly as paramount. There are a lot of beautiful things in the world, and getting people's attention is never ending. In today's time, the person is almost as important as the product. People gravitate to people they can connect with and relate to. If I believe in you as a person, I will be more inclined to look at your products and buy them. That is the world of marketing today.

That's what I intend to do to the many creatives out there that don't want to, or don't have time to do for themselves. I will showcase you and show the world just how amazing you are. My advertising services have just opened up. I am taking clients now. I got a multitude of packages available to help. I want to close this blog up by thanking Kat Flannery for all she's done for me. She has let me test my concepts out, and has played a huge role in my steps on this journey. 

Thanks Kat, and thanks to the rest of you reading this. 

Stay inspired, and keep shining in the dark. When you shine, others do too. And if you're afraid to do so yourself, let me help you.

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