Monday, 29 October 2012

Gripping Story, WHITE HEAVEN WOMAN free today!!

My guest today is author, Jessie B Tyson to talk about her latest release, WHITE HEAVEN WOMAN.

White Heaven Women is a gripping tale set in Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK. Flashing between 1899/ early 1900s to 2000, readers are introduced to two sisters, Beth and Sarah, and the fate that awaits them.

Jessie, why did you write this book?

Where to begin, and most importantly, to keep it short. When I lived in North England, I was a Home/Community Support worker for a woman who suffered from Palsy and she asked me to write her life story. All went well for a few weeks one morning m imaginative muse took over like a control freak, it wouldn't let me write the truth about her anymore! The only thing in my story that is true now ist he existence of blue ghosts.


Helen's face ran red with silent indignation.

"Hmm, I thought you'd have nothing to say. Just keep your mouth shut, Helen. As long as Lady Constance is happy, then my prosperity will continue. So I don't give two hoots what anyone in here thinks."

A well-attired young man wearing a navy suit and a pale gray shirt smiled and approached their table. He introduced himself as Terrence Hatter. "Please, may I join you ladies?"

Rachel's eyes flashed with desire when she noticed his expensive clothing.

"Yes, please do. How long have you been in town, Mr. Hatter?"

Beth raised her eyebrows, wondering what was going on. No stranger had ever approached to join them before. What's going on? Is Rachel pretending she doesn't know this man?

"My company in Carlyle is flourishing," Terrence said, "so I intend to open another branch in Whitehaven. I'm searching for an agreeable companion to show me around since I've never been here before."


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  1. I received your gift today. Thank you for the competition. It is really nice meeting you

    1. So, sorry I didn't reply to this, Lynelle. I didn't know it was there. It is very nice to meet you as well. All the best in 2013!!